OdooCMS: Flagship product of AARSOL

AARSOL team offers a Campus Management System (CMS) for educational institutions. CMS provides a Hosted, Secure Portal for managing Student Academics, including Admissions, Program Registration, Course listing, Time-tabling, Course Attendance Management, Resource Management, Exams, Hostel, Library and Other Activities.


Complete Management into Your Hands

With different sections of an education institute needs proper management, Our designed system has kept everything apart and manageable. The Campus management features starts from Course Management, Class Room Management, Class management, Activity Management, Subject Management, Hostel management, Exam Management, General Management and Exam Management.

Each of these sub-features can be easily configurable and can be accessed from the user-friendly interface with high visibility and ability to do CRUD(create, update, read and delete operation) on any data present in the campus database.

The most important sub-features is the Standard Management, which can be used to set up a whole course and as a one-board information center for the courses.

Campus Management System

We offer educational institutions dynamic and integrated education ERP solutions to run smoothly and streamline their educational operations.  it is a suite combining and handling all portals of the institute from one end; it is a one-stop solution for all the users – students, faculties, admin, alumni, etc.


Admissions and program registration
Course enrollment
Calendars, messages and notifications
Course participation and evaluation
Online Access to Attendance
Library Reservation details
Access to Fee Vouchers
Progress Report
Electronic Transcripts
Instant Messaging about events.


Course management
Attendance management
Library access
Rapid attendance taking
Electronic grade book for assignments
Progress report
Direct communication with Parents.
Minimal Data Entry
Great time saver with maximum utility


Admissions and program registration
Calendars, messages and notifications
Compliance, security and reports
Course enrollment
Examination scheduling and management
Fee statements
Term set-up, course catalog and timetables
Comprehensive Student Information
Student & Faculty Reports
Overall Student 360 degree Information

Modules List

Student Information Module

Student Information Module

A comprehensive University Student Administration System, enabling any academic or educational organization to capture, maintain, update and provide accurate personal and academic information about all current and past students with any University / College. 

  •  Student Personal Information.
  •  Student Contact details.
  •  Student Academic Records.
  •  Pre-Admission Rules / Regulations link.
  •  Attendance i.e. Off-line and Online
  •  Attendance Tracking.
  •  Search existing and former students
  •  Advanced Search functionalities
  •  Large number of Search Filters.
  •  User-defined Search Filters.

Faculty Information Module

Faculty related administrative and other services to the institute

  •  General Profile.
  •  Manage and integrate post recruitment activities of the faculty.
  •  Medical Profile.
  •  Educational Qualifications.
  •  Professional Experience.
  •  Library Records.
  •  Attendance.
  •  Leaves.
  •  Payroll.
  •  Transport.
  •  Schedules.
  •  Time-sheet.

Finance Management

Integrated with Core ERP Accounting Module

  •  Fee Structuring and Policies.
  •  Academic Fee Collection.
  •  Hostel Fee Collection.
  •  Transport Fee Collection.
  •  Fee Collection Reports.
  •  Cost Center Management.
  •  Budgeting (Cost Center Based).
  •  Creditors Management System.
  •  Debtors Management System.
  •  All Accounting Records
  •  Analytic Accounting
  •  Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available.
  •  Easy fee submission process.
  •  Fee import facility for faster system use.
  •  Manage and Pay instant fees.
  •  Manage entire expense and incomes.
  •  Cash Management & Banking.
  •  Customize and manage different category of expense and incomes.

Examination Management

Module Main Features

  •  Grade Definition.
  •  Student Marks & Analysis.
  •  Internal Marks.
  •  External Marks.
  •  Finalized Internal Assessment.
  •  Published Results.
  •  Evaluation of Results.
  •  Re-evaluation and Recheck.
  •  Grade Report to Parents.
  •  Statistical Reports to Management.
  •  Degree Management.
  •  Statistical and chart reports.
  •  A better analytical view.
  •  Generate Report Cards.
  •  Student Wise Result.
  •  Course Wise Result.
  •  Batch Wise Result.

Library Management

Module Main Features

  •  Browse through library books catalog and identify the book(s) to be issued.
  •  View/Edit/Delete/Add books.
  •  Filter book using available filters.
  •  Manage book returns.
  •  Initial library setting for courses available.
  •  Manage books renew.
  •  Manage library books (Catalog).
  •  Add books with custom tag facility available.
  •  Normal and detail Search for a book available.
  •  Manage book issue.
  •  Issued/Renewed book status.
  •  Late Penalties.

Hostel Management

Module Main Features

  •  Manage Hostel.
  •  Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of Rooms.
  •  Create hostel fee collection date.
  •  Pay hostel fee student wise.
  •  Maintain Complains regarding hostel infrastructure , discipline etc.
  •  Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of Hostel.
  •  Allocate rooms to the students.
  •  Pay hostel fee.
  •  View hostel fee defaulters.
  •  Change rooms for students.

Transport Management

Module Main Features

  •  Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles.
  •  Add destination and cost details.
  •  Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details.
  •  Get Transport Details.
  •  Transport Fee facility.
  •  Vehicle Management.

Human Resource Management

HR Module manages all type of human resource of Institute i.e. Teachers, Other staff, Workers , Labors etc.

  •  HR Policies Staffing Management.
  •  Employee (Personal) Information.
  •  Payroll Management.
  •  Normal and advanced search facility.
  •  Employee Appraisal System.
  •  Pay-Slips generation and mailing.
  •  Online Application & CV Submit.
  •  Leave Management Holidays Calendar.
  •  Analysis of Staff Members.
  •  Manage all employees from admission to exit.
  •  Income Tax Calculation.

Asset Management

Module Main Features

  •  Asset Records.
  •  Allocate expenses across multiple funds Purchase order.
  •  Complete history tracking and audit trails Reports.
  •  Data import and export capabilities.
  •  Create , manage supplier type and suppliers.
  •  Manage Sports Material.
  •  Customize-able asset record detail forms.
  •  Create and manage purchase orders.
  •  Depreciation, ad-hoc and user-defined reporting.
  •  Manage, create store types and categories.
  •  Manage Classroom Infrastructure.
  •  Manage Lab Material.

Communication Module

HR Module manages all type of human resource of Institute i.e. Teachers, Other staff, Workers , Labors etc.

  •  Schedule SMS to all/required users of CMS .
  •  Easy and quick way to send messages to any user in the system.
  •  Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents.
  •  Prior information can be informed about school events, news and holidays.
  •  Recording communications with students.
  •  Inbuilt messaging system.
  •  Student Instant Messaging.
  •  Teacher Information by SMS.

Web Based Interface

The Interface is an important feature of any application. With a fully polished Web Based interface, the users can have greater accessibility and is completely platform independent. The web interface has rich user interface, which in turn improves the productivity of the users. All these features combined offers more manageable features with great customization and intuitive approach to using the platform.

Financial Reporting & Collaboration

The heart of an education institute lies the finances and how they are managed to leverage new amenities and services to the students and the faculties of the institute. With the Financial management option, the institute can easily manage all their expenses, funding and track them from one dashboard.


The modular design approach greatly facilitates easier upgrades, code re-usability and great adaptability to the different set of tools.

Make changes while on the move -- Cloud Ready

Cloud is the new way of thinking in the current web world. CMS is cloud-ready and can be used anywhere -- with no emphasis on the platform from which it is being accessed.