ERP Integration

Working on business solutions that need continuous integration with 3rd party apps and websites is the norm of many businesses out there. Without proper integration, the organization can suffer from inadequate information passage to their ERP solutions and can completely engage the user base from the core ERP.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) takes care of all the resources, leads, processes in an organized manner. With time, new 3rd party processes enter the system that needs integration with the ERP. Systems such as e-commerce website, Magneto and other CMS applications can be integrated to ERP for maximum benefits and returns.

Why Odoo design Integration?

Odoo is the new super-power in the Open Source ERP solutions and with the release of the latest update, the ERP solution is surely going to top the ranks. It is also the most installed ERP solution on the web and have a huge community driven development with tons of community and in-house modules to support your development and growth.

Odoo Integration is a part of Odoo and without the correct steps, the business can lose insights on the development of their business from the ERP solution. With correct integration, real-time data becomes available, bringing the right set of tools and techniques to bring more returns and profit to the business.

Object Identification

The most important step is to identify the target, which needs to be upgraded in the system. Without correct identification, other steps in the integration are useless and provides no real benefits to the business. And, that’s why we care about the analyzing the system before proceeding to make changes with it.

Data Mapping

Data Mapping is a crucial step in the Odoo Integration. If done properly, the chances of integration failures are decreased drastically, and that’s why we always prefer to increase our chances with correct data mapping.

Flow Validation

During the Odoo ERP Integration, we check each step and make sure it is validated before moving forward. This ensures high integrity and quality work.

 Scenario Based Testing

Testing is a complex and we understand how scenario-based testing plays the role in the success of Odoo integration.